Obituary: Viv Sleeman

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It is with great sadness that we have heard of the death of one of our earliest and longest-standing members, Viv Sleeman. Viv was a past Co-ordinator of LCGB, and also the recipient of our 2016 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Breastfeeding, which her family tell us she was very proud of, having it “on prominent display at home, and … Read More

IBCLC from Paediatric Nursing

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“I initially trained as a paediatric nurse, then later studied specialist community public health nursing and became a health visitor. I’ve worked in five major London children’s hospitals, covering everything from ambulatory care to neonatal intensive care. I always wanted to work with well children in the community, and although I enjoyed the adrenaline rush of high dependency and intensive care, I became … Read More

Speaker Bio: Chrishanthy Jayarajah

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Dr. Chrishanthy Jayarajah. MBBS, MRCPSPSYCH, DFSRH is a Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist working at Barnet Liaison Psychiatry service, North London and is to lead a newly commissioned PMH service in NW London. During her core training she worked at the National OCD/BDD Inpatient Unit at Springfield Hospital, SW London, which sparked her ongoing interest and research into OCD. She is particularly … Read More

Speaker Bio: Zainab Yate

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Zainab Yate. BSc, MSc, Doctoral Student has a Medical Ethics & Law (Imperial College, MSc) background and her doctorate research is in Bioethics. Her working background is in Public Health and commissioning within the NHS. She is Alt. Vice Chair and named qualitative lead of the North London Research Ethics Committee, with the Health Research Authority in the UK (HRA). … Read More

Speaker Bio: Professor Simon Murch

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Professor Murch is Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health at Warwick Medical School. Before taking up this post, he was Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Gastroenterology at the Royal Free and University College School of Medicine, London. His clinical interests include paediatric inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), coeliac disease, food allergy and complex inherited enteropathies. He was the leader of the international … Read More

LCGB Conference 2018 Poster Abstract Submission

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Our annual conference takes place on 6th and 7th April in Hertfordshire. This year we are planning a display of posters to be presented. Abstracts are particularly invited that address barriers to breastfeeding: all abstracts must acknowledge that breastfeeding is normal for the mother-baby dyad. To apply, the form below should be submitted by email to with the subject … Read More

Outstanding Contribution to Breastfeeding Award – Nominations Sought

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In recognition and celebration of the work of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) we are now seeking nominations for LCGB’s Outstanding Contribution to Breastfeeding Award 2018. We are looking for someone who has made an exceptional contribution to breastfeeding as an IBCLC in the UK. Nominees will need to be current LCGB members and nominations will be accepted via … Read More

IBLCE Exam Successes

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LCGB would like to extend our congratulations to all newly qualified or re-qualified IBCLCs who sat the exam in October and have received successful results this week. Remember that LCGB is the professional association for IBCLCs in Britain, and we work to raise the profile of the profession, and to advocate for expertise in breastfeeding promotion and support. You can … Read More

LCGB Statement on NOSH Study

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LCGB are very pleased to finally see the results of this long-awaited study being published, showing mothers and society that the breastfeeding mothers and babies are valued, and that breastfeeding itself is valued, can have a huge impact. Just as easily accessible, well trained local peer support and support for more complex breastfeeding situations, can have a huge impact on … Read More