2017 Conference Speaker – Toni Harman

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Toni Harman is a documentary filmmaker turned author. A graduate of Exeter University and London Film School, Toni has spent the past 20 years producing and directing films. Her credits include a feature film released by a Hollywood studio and several documentaries about childbirth; DOULA!, FREEDOM FOR BIRTH and the multi award-winning documentary MICROBIRTH about the critical importance of ‘seeding … Read More

The Breastfeeding London Course

Lactation Consultants of Great Britainnon lcgb study days

The Breastfeeding London Course is a set of 12 monthly Study days (90 hours of lactation specific education) that meets the IBCLE exam requirements.  It is designed for health care providers and lay people who want to provide accurate, current and evidence-based information about breastfeeding and lactation to expectant/new families. It is listed as a Course provider by the International … Read More

Deborah Robertson’s Breastfeeding Specialist Course

Lactation Consultants of Great Britainnon lcgb study days

DEBORAH ROBERTSON’S BREASTFEEDING SPECIALIST COURSE for: Health Professionals working with breastfeeding mothers and babies Infant Feeding Co-ordinator post holders Breastfeeding Counsellors updating skills and knowledge Candidates preparing for the IBLCE Lactation Consultant exam IBCLCs earning CERPS to recertify ALMOST EVERYONE DOES THE WHOLE COURSE: 12 study days, one per month A linked graded homework each month Details of session topics … Read More