Black Breastfeeding Week 2019 – One Mum Tells Her Story

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Black Breastfeeding Week The MBRRACE Report showed that maternal and infant mortality is much higher in BAME families, and that maternal mortality among black mothers in the U.K. is FIVE TIMES higher than it is among white mothers. These shocking numbers are a call to action for every one of us to do our part to address them. Breastfeeding is … Read More

Guest blog: ABM Breastfeeding in Schools Resources

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Guest blog by Lyndsey Hookway, IBCLC Although breastfeeding can be a thorny issue for many, the fact remains that the vast majority of women who start off breastfeeding but stop feel a sense of sadness and regret. We’re not talking about forcing people to breastfeed, by the way. Most women who start off and then stop before 6 weeks feel genuine … Read More

NBAW 2019 – Round Up

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National Breastfeeding Week 2019 SCOTLAND This year Scotland literally kicked off Breastfeeding Weeks across the UK, with the launch of their new Scotland breastfeeding welcome scheme at Dundee Football Club. See this tweet. link to ScotGov video for Bf welcome scheme NHS LanarkshIre published a video on breastfeeding out and about. Activities and resources came from all over Scotland: … Read More

NBAW 2019 England – One Young Mum’s Story

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My name is Darcie, and I am a mother of two. I was 18 years old when I first started breastfeeding. I only knew one other person that breastfed and so I was completely oblivious to how difficult the early days could be! I knew nothing about cluster feeding, or how to seek the correct support. For the first four … Read More

NBAW 2019 – Update from our Equity and Diversity Team

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For #CelebrateBreastfeeding Week, the LCGB Equality and Diversity team would like to share some of our work. Supporting skilled breastfeeding support which incorporates cultural competency, is an essential part of the Code of Professional Conduct for all IBCLCs. We are part of a multicultural country. Parents and their babies can experience difficulties finding the help and support they need during their … Read More

NBAW 2019 England – Skin to Skin by JennyTheM

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A Call To Arms for #SkinToSkin © JennyTheM – Breastfeeding Week England 2019 NB Spoiler alert 🚨 May contain evidence that #SkinToSkin leads to successful breastfeeding It started with a DM (a direct private message sent privately to someone you follow on Twitter) This week I had quite a poignant DM from an infant feeding team, about paediatricians putting up … Read More

Our 2019 “Outstanding Contribution to Breastfeeding” Award

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We are proud to announce this year’s recipient of the annual “Outstanding Contribution to Breastfeeding” award, presented at the LCGB conference, as Deborah Robertson IBCLC. Deborah’s nomination was accompanied by this from one of her many nominees – we felt it was a great summary: “Deborah has single-handedly trained many of today’s cohort of IBCLCs in the UK. Her skill … Read More

Conference 2019 – Facebook highlights

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Our Social Media Team worked very hard over the two days of conference to bring you a round up of the talks. If you attended as a delegate you will appreciate that this is only the lightest of touch of what was covered in so much more depth during the conference – and you will be receiving the presenters’ handouts. You … Read More

GOLD Sponsorship Opportunity for LCGB members


We are pleased to announce that GOLD online lactation conferences are kindly donating one GOLD place, including both add-ons: ‘Focus on Foundations’ and ‘Tools of the Trade’, plus a 1 year membership, to be awarded to an LCGB member. This place will be awarded by the LCGB Equality & Diversity team. Applicants will be assessed with special consideration given to … Read More