Pathway 1

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Looking to qualify as an IBCLC using Pathway 1? All candidates for pathway 1 must have 1000 contact hours with breastfeeding families and at least 90 hours of breastfeeding education in the 5 years before applying to sit the exam. Non health professionals also need to show they have learning in 14 health science subjects. For a full list of … Read More

Non-Health Care Professionals Case Studies

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Case Study 1: Jane says “I have been involved in breastfeeding support for about 11 years, initially as a volunteer in a breastfeeding support group and then more recently as a paid peer supporter in a hospital running a post-natal telephone support service. I first became inspired to become an IBCLC by my manager at the hospital who was already … Read More

Health Background Courses

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Health background courses examples Non health professionals such as breastfeeding counsellors and peer supporters need to fulfil 8 ‘for credit’ health science courses and 6 ‘ongoing education’ courses in order to apply for the exam. Please see: for full information. It is always worth considering if any of your previous qualifications, or modules from them, may fit the criteria.  … Read More

Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies (IYCF-E)

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An LCGB hosted workshop: Infant Feeding in Emergencies: working with refugee families in Europe 2016 In emergencies, infants and children under the age of 2 are the most vulnerable. The current refugee crisis has displaced millions of people and brought tens of thousands of children and pregnant women to Europe (over 88K children in 2016 alone according to UNHCR figures). … Read More

Mothers and Depression – Study Day 11th November, Islington

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Study day on postnatal depression and how the infant feeding relationship can impact on maternal mental health, with expert speakers: Kathleen Kendall-Tackett PhD IBCLC FAPA: a leading authority on maternal depression and the relationship between breastfeeding and depression, and Wendy Jones PhD MRPharmS: Specialist Pharmacist with expertise in the safety of Drugs in Breastmilk and lead on the Breastfeeding Network’s Drugs … Read More

LCGB Conference 2016 – Reduced rates for LCGB members

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  LCGB members benefit from a reduced rate for LCGB organised education events. You don’t have to be an IBCLC to be a member – we offer associate membership with most of the benefits. See LCGB membership for further details. For further details see our Events Listing and for booking go to the Eventbrite website.

LCGB Conference 2016 Speaker Spotlight – Maureen Minchin

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Maureen Minchin BA Hons, MA (Melb); TSTC — Milk Matters AND Allergy and Immune Disorder in the Young Infant – Workshop LCGB is proud, pleased and privileged to announce that inspirational Australian author Maureen Minchin has agreed to present her workshop and spread the word about her newly published book ‘Milk Matters, Infant Feeding and Immune Disorder’. She will lead small intimate … Read More

LCGB Conference 2016 Speaker Spotlight – Laurel Wilson

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  Laurel Wilson IBCLC, CLE, CLD, CCCE, BS — Embracing prenatal attachment & Breastfeeding as Foundation for Epigenetics AND Postpartum Mood Disorders, Breastfeeding and the Epigenetic Links from Past Into Future For further details see our Events Listing and for booking go to the Eventbrite website.