IBLCE Exam Successes

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LCGB would like to extend our congratulations to all newly qualified or re-qualified IBCLCs who sat the exam in October and have received successful results this week. Remember that LCGB is the professional association for IBCLCs in Britain, and we work to raise the profile of the profession, and to advocate for expertise in breastfeeding promotion and support. You can … Read More

LCGB Statement on NOSH Study

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LCGB are very pleased to finally see the results of this long-awaited study being published, showing mothers and society that the breastfeeding mothers and babies are valued, and that breastfeeding itself is valued, can have a huge impact. Just as easily accessible, well trained local peer support and support for more complex breastfeeding situations, can have a huge impact on … Read More

Speaker Bio: Jennifer Thomas

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Dr. Jennifer Thomas MD, MHP, IBCLC, FABM is a American paediatrician and breastfeeding medicine specialist at Aurora Healthcare in Franklin, Wisconsin. She received her MD from MCW in 1993, her MPH in 2011 and became an IBCLC in 2003. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (FABM) for her expertise on breastfeeding. She currently serves on the … Read More

Speaker Bio: Nancy Mohrbacher

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Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA, began working with breastfeeding families in 1982 as a peer support counsellor and became an IBCLC in 1991. From 1993 to 2003 she founded and maintained a large private lactation practice around Chicago, USA. In 2008 the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) officially recognised her contributions to the field of breastfeeding by awarding her the designation … Read More

World Aids Day 2017 – My Health, My Right Campaign

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Women represent 52% of all people affected by HIV: in this document, published in recognition of 2017’s World Aids Day, WABA  draws attention to the role of the protection, promotion and support of optimal breastfeeding as a way of ensuring women’s rights. See the full press release here http://waba.org.my/my-health-my-right-campaign-a-breastfeeding-perspective/ WABA believes that effective policies and programmes can empower women and girls, including … Read More