Congratulations new IBCLCs!

LCGB 3News

Congratulations to all newly qualified International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, and a warm welcome to the profession in the UK!

LCGB also wishes to congratulate all those recertifying, with a special acknowledgment to those of you who have re-taken the exam at the 10 year and 20 year mark.

Well done to you all, and may you continue to impact positively on the lives of mothers and babies through the work you do.

We invite all newly qualified IBCLCs to upgrade their membership from associate to full membership. Please do let us know that you passed the exam and have gained the qualification! IBLCE do not share data about exam candidates and results, so unless you tell us we will not know.

You may also be interested in our current membership offer. Join now and benefit from free membership until the end of 2015, alongside next year’s membership. Be part of the community of professionals supporting mothers and babies with breastfeeding, as well as working strategically to improve breastfeeding in the UK and the recognition of our profession.