Breastfeeding, Food Banks and Poverty in the UK

Lactation Consultants of Great Britian LCGBSession Content 2015

Sally Etheridge IBCLC

For increasing numbers of families in the UK, life has become worryingly uncertain. How do mothers with infants and babies cope when they are hit with crisis, whether through loss of family income, the stress of facing welfare cuts or coping with housing issues? Food banks and now baby banks are hitting the headlines. Yet the role of breastfeeding as ‘an emergency-preparedness activity’, as described by Karleen Gribble, is overlooked and still seen as having relevance only in ‘developing countries’. How can the breastfeeding community come together to support all babies and mothers at such times, and to raise the profile of the critical importance of breastfeeding among those making the decisions and delivering services?

This session will update on progress since last year’s conference, on the work between coalition members of the Baby Feeding Law Group to develop a resource for food bank organizers and volunteers, and a pilot to implement the resource supported by Leicester City Council.